Be better at photographing horses

A short free photography course outlining some of the settings and techniques which can make you a better photographer of horses.

We will learn about some of the best settings to use and when to use them for different disciplines, and then we will put those into action by discussing how best to put those techniques into practice.

I am a freelance equestrian and commercial photographer in the UK but have been published all over the World with images on magazine covers in many countries, from New Zealand to Canada. I regularly work for the leading magazines covering equestrianism in the UK, as well as photographing horses, people and products for equestrian companies.

It is a massive frustration for many WordPress users that the new Gutenberg block editor does not allow the insertion a number of images at the same time.

Instead, each image has to be added to a block one-by-one.

For photographers and travel bloggers, among many others, this can add a significant amount of time to the process of adding a large number of images.

In this short course we will learn a workaround which enables us to add groups of images quickly.

Course Description

A short mini-course outlining a workflow for image file management, import, naming, storage and backup.

In this course you will learn:

  • How and why to attach metadata to your files using Photo Mechanic
  • How to import files into Adobe Lightroom
  • How and why to add/edit metadata in Adobe Lightroom
  • How to store files and set up Adobe Lightroom for speed and efficiency
  • How to organise and name your files for good SEO
  • How to backup your image files safely
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